Volunteer at The St illtyds Ultra!

At Go Events Wales we love our friendly volunteers, our runners love our volunteers, our volunteers love our runners and we all love volunteering and being part of spectacular events. Race events whether trail races or road races only survive with the help and support of volunteers who really are the influence that give all runners their strength and vitality to run the best race they can.

At all our races we need a lot of help from volunteers to keep things running smoothly, in exchange for your dedicated time, effort, influence and motivation you receive a race FREE entry into any of the Go Events Wales Races. So if you would like to help us out we would love to hear from you!


  • FREE entry into any of the Go Events Wales races.
  • Food and drink for the duration of your stint and yes you can help yourself to the picnic… we mean aid stations.
  • An overwhelming feeling of reciprocated positive energy from grateful runners.


Course Marking – All of the Go Events Wales courses are marked to minimise chances of runners getting lost.

Course Sweepers – The course is swept during the race, with sweepers following the last runners in and clearing all markings/ trash as they go. This is a great way of experiencing the race route and witnessing the incredible strength of those at the back of the pack.

Aid Station Crewing – Each course has a fully stocked aid stations or as we like t call them… PICNICS. Duties include constructing the temporary shelter, helping runners refill bottles, laying out the different food types for runners to help themselves to, recording numbers and most importantly providing enthusiasm and encouragement in bundles for runners that are tired, in pain and in need of some POSITIVITY and MOTIVATION!


  • Fit and Healthy runners wanting to use marking or sweeping a course as prep for their next race or to get the miles in.
  • Runners wanting to give something back to the ultra running community, having relied on volunteers for many years.
  • Injured runners who are investing their energies in a different way
  • Friends and Family of participating runners.

Did you ever remember a volunteer from a race you entered making you that Jam sandwich, filling your bottle because you couldn’t feel your hands or legs, ran a small section of the race with you to lift your spirits, let your loved ones know when you will be at the next station, called the first aid to strap up your cut leg or plaster your hand after a small fall etc etc Well, we have! and if you are one of those people then consider this as an opportunity to ‘give something back’ but get something else in return.

We promise that you will enjoy your experience in whatever shape or form over race weekend.

You can register to volunteer to help at any of the Go Events Wales Events by signing up at the top of this page.